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  • Earthbound 2023

    Earthbound 2023

    EARTHBOUND 2023 – Sensuous knowledge and the planet’s future WE OFFER The symposium includes workshops, talks and debates, with 5 workshop days scheduled throughout the 7-day event. Additionally, there will be performance excerpts, lectures on the common creative, and sharing sessions. These engaging activities will be interspersed with delightful vegetarian/vegan meals. The symposium is designed…



    OPEN CALL – Earthbound 2023 – Sensuous knowledge and the planet’s future Do you want to be part of our special five-day Earthbound workshop? We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of our unique and extraordinary event, EARTHBOUND, featuring a 5-day workshop, sharing sessions, and a symposium. This year, we will delve into the…

  • OPEN DAY 8th October

    OPEN DAY 8th October

    OPEN HOUSE A taste of Earthbound – OCTOBER 8th 2023 OPEN HOUSE On October 8th at 14.00-18.00, we offer a taste of our symposium Earthbound, at a Open House at Earthwise Residency. Open House is for anyone who is curious about the ongoing workshop and symposium, or interested in this year’s theme “Sensuous knowledge and…

  • A WAY Eng

    A WAY Eng

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  • Wolf Safari

    Wolf Safari

    [:da] Jag som en ulv… Du går alene i augustmørket, du lytter efter andre ulve, og hyler mod himlen for selv at blive hørt. Endelig finder du din flok, og sammen jager I et bytte, igennem byen og natten – som ulve i menneskeskikkelse. Efter 200 års fravær er ulven vendt tilbage til Danmark. Ulvens…

  • Flugtende Fortællinger (parallel/fleeing tales) – storyteller eves

    Flugtende Fortællinger (parallel/fleeing tales) – storyteller eves

    “Flugtende Fortællinger” (Parallel/Fleeing Tales; wordplay in Danish doesn’t easy translate) is a series of story-nights in Aarhus and Mols.With themes such as ‘Tales from East and West’ and “On the way towards a home’ both professional storytellers and participants will listen, share and tell stories and anecdotes from their own lives. Each event takes place at a location fitting…

  • Story telling eves

    Story telling eves

    Stories by the fire place – from Mols and from all the world… Come, sit and listen, when the old farm is filled with pictures and smells of fairy tales from the old days, myths from the ancient sea and local stories from Mols. You will meet storytellers from near and far – and, if…

  • Dinners in the Dark

    Dinners in the Dark

    Oct 21, Nov 11 and Dec 9, Drejs’ Farm i Mols Bjerge Dialogues and sensorial encounters around the table in the eve, inspired by the old, Danish tradition of holding dusk. New acquaintances and preparations for an upcoming performance in one.[:]

  • My Place UK

    My Place UK

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  • B.O.D.Y. – to have or to be

    B.O.D.Y. – to have or to be

    Photos: Malle Madsen og Lene Riggelsen A performance for high school pubils about the body in a cultural, historical and political perspectives. “B.O.D.Y.” is a performance lecture about the concept of the body in cultural and historical contexts.“B.O.D.Y.”  is a reflection on shifting bodily norms through cultures and history. The audience participates with their own…