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    Performances We tour nationally and internationally with our immersive performances about nature, insects and everything else that we refer to as the “more-than-human”.The performances are flexible and can be performed in both Danish and English. Read more about the individual performances above. Artist in the house In autumn 2023, we will conduct 14 weeks of…



    UNDER JORD er en publikumsinddragende forestilling, der foregår i skoven og handler om svampenetværket der lever under den

  • Think Walk

    Photos: Maria Petri og Christine Fentz Tanke Gange – a walking performance in the country side of Mols The walking performance “Tanke Gange” – or “Think Walk” – takes place around an old farm in the Hills of Mols. The core theme is our relation to idyl, and the idea of the national parc. What does…


  • A WAY Eng

    A WAY Eng

    Dette er excertpt på “A WAY”

  • My Place UK

    My Place UK

    dette er excertp på “Mit Sted”

  • Banquet for Bees

    Banquet for Bees

    BANQUET FOR BEES Banquet for Bees is a buzzing outdoor performance for adults – but children from 8 years and up are welcome in the company of a parent or caretaker. The performance takes place around a banquet table, where guests are offered a menu of elements from the bees’ world – pollen, honey, beeswax, edible…

  • Ant Business

    Ant Business

    Ant Business Can you hear the ants creeping and crawling? Can you smell when they communicate?Ants actually make a lot of commotion on the planet, and near your feet – so let’s find out what they’re really up to. Ant Business invites children aged 8-12 on a fascinating journey with stories, scientific knowledge from biology and…

  • Wolf Safari

    Wolf Safari

    [:da] Jag som en ulv… Du går alene i augustmørket, du lytter efter andre ulve, og hyler mod himlen for selv at blive hørt. Endelig finder du din flok, og sammen jager I et bytte, igennem byen og natten – som ulve i menneskeskikkelse. Efter 200 års fravær er ulven vendt tilbage til Danmark. Ulvens…

  • Walking Lecture on Ants

    Walking Lecture on Ants

    WALKING LECTURE ON ANTS Get in touch with your inner insect and take a walk with your nose close to the ground… Performing arts meets brain- and ants scienCE: An ant experience with talks, walkS, sensory input, taste experiences and soundscapes. With our Walking Lecture on Ants, you will learn about the ants and their fascinating world. Some…