We tour nationally and internationally with our immersive performances about nature, insects and everything else that we refer to as the “more-than-human”.
The performances are flexible and can be performed in both Danish and English. Read more about the individual performances above.

In autumn 2023, we will conduct 14 weeks of an artist-in-residence project called Insect Invasion. A project for schools and other culture institutions supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and in collaboration with Børnekulturhus Aarhus and Børnekulturhus Ama’r.
Insect Invasion with performer and dancer My Lindblad Szlavik is fun, scientific and spawns curiosity. In Insect Invasion the students embark on a journey into the world of ants, bees and other insects. Through knowledge, movement, dance and curiosity we invite them to learn about the natural world and what would happen if it disappeared.

We are always open for new partners and ideas for the Artist in the House programme. Feel free to contact us if your institution is interested. The next application deadlines are October 2nd 2023 and around March 1st 2024.