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  • Space for Earthwisdom

    WHAT SPACE IS SPACE FOR EARTHWISDOM? Space for Earthwisdom are the place where the estetik, artistic, scientific and practical experiences with the soil, landscape and al things living in on this Earth are brought together. In an organic and myosomic way everything is connected in the rich soil of Secret Hotel and Earthwise Residency. The…

  • Earthbound 2023

    Earthbound 2023

    EARTHBOUND 2023 – Sensuous knowledge and the planet’s future WE OFFER The symposium includes workshops, talks and debates, with 5 workshop days scheduled throughout the 7-day event. Additionally, there will be performance excerpts, lectures on the common creative, and sharing sessions. These engaging activities will be interspersed with delightful vegetarian/vegan meals. The symposium is designed…



    OPEN CALL – Earthbound 2023 – Sensuous knowledge and the planet’s future Do you want to be part of our special five-day Earthbound workshop? We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of our unique and extraordinary event, EARTHBOUND, featuring a 5-day workshop, sharing sessions, and a symposium. This year, we will delve into the…

  • The Workshop

    The Workshop

    WORKSHOP – OCT 6th-10th Creative practises and sharing sessions Creative practises Relating to the earth Rethinking how we approach the world and move through it, the workshop will take its point of departure in the creative practice of gardening. By slowly working with the earth, the participants are encouraged to connect with a tradition, somatically…

  • OPEN DAY 8th October

    OPEN DAY 8th October

    OPEN HOUSE A taste of Earthbound – OCTOBER 8th 2023 OPEN HOUSE On October 8th at 14.00-18.00, we offer a taste of our symposium Earthbound, at a Open House at Earthwise Residency. Open House is for anyone who is curious about the ongoing workshop and symposium, or interested in this year’s theme “Sensuous knowledge and…

  • SYMPOSIUM 12th of October

    SYMPOSIUM 12th of October

    Earthbound Symposium 2023 An invitation to investigate sensuous knowledge in relation to the Planet’s Future through the Arts and Sciences We spend this day at University of Aarhus. BUY your Ticket here More specifically we wish to investigate what types of knowledge can be found in the sensuous and wise human body through our ancient…

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    News from

    News from Secret Hotel directly in the mail Do not mis out on the special moments we have to offer. Be among the first to recive the news when we have events, tickets for sale or new performances in the making. Subscribe * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name /* real people…



    Performances open for tour We tour nationally and internationally with our immersive performances about nature, insects and everything else that we refer to as the “more-than-human”.The performances are flexible and can be performed in both Danish and English. Read more about the individual performances above. “Under The Trees” will premiere on the 14th of May…



    UNDER JORD er en publikumsinddragende forestilling, der foregår i skoven og handler om svampenetværket der lever under den