“Flugtende Fortællinger” (Parallel/Fleeing Tales; wordplay in Danish doesn’t easy translate) is a series of story-nights in Aarhus and Mols.
With themes such as ‘Tales from East and West’ and “On the way towards a home’ both professional storytellers and participants will listen, share and tell stories and anecdotes from their own lives.

Each event takes place at a location fitting for the theme – for example at the Dome of Visions, Restaurant Mogador in Aarhus, and at private homes.

“Flugtende Fortællinger” wish to counter alienation by creating causal, intimate spaces for different social groups, cultures and generations to gather and share stories. The events will primarily be in Danish, with translators available, when we have participants still learning Danish.

“Flugtende Fortællinger” is arranged by Nemo V. Hensing and Mads Holm. The series is a continuation of Secret Hotels cross-cultural performance “A WAY” from Spring 2016.