A child takes your hand.
Tells you the rules.
And leads you on a journey into its own universe.

During September and early October of 2015 co-produced Secret Hotel the performance My Place with Australian The Walking Neighbourhood:
A series of short site specific walks, created together with children in the age of 8-12, from the two areas Mols and Gellerup; performances guidet by the children themselves.
My Place was an artistic investigation of two areas through the perspective of children. It gave adults a change to (re-)experience an area from a child’s point of view.

My Place challenged the power structures between children and adults in the situation where the children guide, and the adults let go. The theme of comfort and loss of control was elaborated through the location: Mols and Gellerup, socalled safe vs. unsafe neighborhoods.

My Place was a coproduction with Secret Hotel and Lenine Bourke’s (AUS) project The Walking Neighbourhood: Artistic walks with children.

My Place is supported by Statens Kunstfond and Aarhus Kommune.