Fotos: Søren Gammelmark (, Ljosha Jablokov, Michael Staal.

A number of characters are portrayed with participation of the audience. These characters are braided together and gently unrolled again – as a yarn ball being unrolled and mended again. As invited guests you are placed on the first row where everybody can see each other and see the performer in the triangular space. He links together the destinies with chalk, polaroids and dance – perhaps we are all connected…

Fall Fall She Fell is about magic in more than one sense. It explores the ephemeral nature of death and memory as well as the things that lie outside our rational understanding. And it invites the audience to go on a magical journey whilst at the same time making the audience aware that they are participating in a theatrical event and ritual.

– “An extremely comfortable space to be in. We look at each other with a smile on our faces. It is the best I have ever seen where audience participation really works.” Kasper Daugaard Poulsen, choreographer

– “Thanks for a supercool experience. The start gave me a lot of questions, but later I got answers for them. It’s really something I can bring along with me. SUPER COOL!” Maria Borregaard, Morsoe High School