A dialogue meeting about art, sustainability and landscapes

Secret Hotel embarked in 2013 on a several year long journey – Landscape Dialogues – which investigates the intercrossing of participatory performing art, sustainable thinking and landscape, in crossdisciplinary meetings.

One such event was our first Debate Weekend which happened in two chapters, during May 23d-25th:
Friday and Saturday around 20 people from various walks of life was invited to spend time together in Mols, discussing and trying out approaches to the questions which Landscape Dialogues rises.
On Sunday 25th we met up in Aarhus and opened the doors for others who were interested in continuing the dialogue and being part of the cross-fertilizations. More info below.

We investigated this question: If we accept the premise that there is a growing need to recharge or re-negotiate our connection with our surroundings, what does this do to our (art) practice? And how can art affect other work in society, which relates to holistic or sustainable approaches?

The public part was Sunday the 25th of May 2014 in the Litterature Center at Godsbanen. All participants had an exciting day sharing across different backgrounds.

The day had presentations in various formats, workshops and dialogues, that all challenged our perception of our sorroundings, sustainability and art’s role in the world.[:]