Baltic Water┬áinvestigates the specifics of the Baltic and Nordic countries – through destilling harbour water. Christine Fentz and Henrik Vestergaard Friis travelled on the Latvian art project Friend_ship around the Baltic Sea.

Video Baltic Water performance lecture part 1 and part 2

Water destilled from the harbours of Lithuania, Riga, Tallin, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen are the ingrediens for a new brand in soft drinks: “Baltic Water”: A soft drink for any EU-member; bereft of any cultural specificities. And useful in order to prepare the body for a future with only salt water available.
From microscope photos of the salts and minerals we deduct more or less correct stories from the specific harbour and its history.

“Friend_ship” came to Copenhagen on June the 18th, at Nyhavn, after having been shown in Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm. Baltic Water has also been shown at Nordic Summer University. Baltic Water is supported by the Danish Arts Council, “Friend_ship” by CultureContact Nord, a.o. KKNord.[:]