Interdisciplinary and Interactive Symposium

What would happen if humans ceased to see ourselves as the centre of all life on this planet? We believe that it matters how we humans interact with and relate to other living beings and places. Now is the time for a large-scale paradigm shift.

We propose to live in Multispecies realities where animals, plants, microorganisms and landscapes have equal value as humans and, and where Climate Justice is in place. The need for developing new notions and a new language will always be a non-linear process. It means accepting that we enter unknown territory. But we believe it makes all the difference if we do this together, while celebrating interdependencies, and meeting across disciplines and old boundaries.

With EARTHBOUND we seek to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue and investigate what the climate emergency does to the worldviews and actions of human beings within the arts, scientific research and other societal areas. We invite artists and researchers to meet and share their views and voices.

Since our first edition of the Earthbound Symposium in 2018 we have explored and challenged known symposium formats in various ways.

We create Earthbound as an immersive journey in order to invite the whole human being – body, intellect, soul – into an atmosphere than can foster commitment, and inspire change. So, if you prefer to change your travelling shoes to socks during the day, or sit on the floor and not a chair – we have room for both.

EARTHBOUND is based on the core values and holistic principles of the performance theatre Secret Hotel and our sister organisation Earthwise Residency: Care, consideration, respect, sustainability, and exchange of both knowledge and the virtues of pursuing a hunch. Also central to us is living with and learning from domestic and wild animals and plants.

We aim for these principles to permeate every aspect of the symposium; from the invited artists and speakers to the way we structure the event, the choice of locations and the food we serve.

We believe that learning, change and exchange is possible. Art, science, activism and other forms of conscious activity use different methodologies. When they meet with curiosity, creativity and rigour consciousness can grow and cross-fertilisation can happen. With this we gesture towards the interconnectedness of all beings.

EARTHBOUND is organised by the performance theatre Secret Hotel in collaboration with: School of Communication and Culture, Dramaturgy– Aarhus University, Earthwise Residency and others.

EARTHBOUND is supported by: Central Denmark Region, The Danish Arts Foundation, The City of Aarhus and Syddjurs Kommune.