Aarhus Municipality’s Arts Council gave Secret Hotel their three year support 2014-2016.
Most of Secret Hotel’s work is supported by the Danish Arts Council.

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September 8th
“Wolf Safari” by our Finnish colleagues Other Spaces has had performances in Aarhus, and two good safaries in Copenhagen Sept. 1st and 2nd, and Pernille and Kasper have just begun the September tour of “K.R.O.P. – at have eller være” in Copenhagen & outskirts.

August 29th
We have had both a successful pilot premiere on “Walking Lecture on Ants” and an English-version (on August 27th) in the Botanical Garden of Aarhus. We are looking forward to premiere and two performances, September 22nd-24th (almost sold out), same “venue”.

August 15th
We are getting ready with our pilot premiere of “Walking Lectures on Ants.” You can experience it with us at the Botanical Garden of Aarhus August 21., 22. and 27., and September 23. and 24. Find time and place here.  Get your tickets here: Folkeuniversitet Aarhus 

August 13th
Other Spaces from Finland are visiting us again, this time to invite us on a Wolf Safari in the dark night. You can experience this in Aarhus the 19., 25. og 26. of August, and the 1st og 2nd of September in Copenhagen. Get Aarhus tickets here Enkeltbillet and Copenhagen tickets here Dansehallerne.  

May 17th
Test run of “Walking Lecture on Ants”, The Park of Vennelyst, 1pm. Sign up on

april 21st
After intense rehearsal days during April, Christine and Betina Birkjær together, we had a succesfull test run of “Walking Lecture on Ants” in the park of Moesgaard, where the students of Andreas Roepstorff were good test guests with precise response. See photos from the day on our facebook.

March, 9-12th
Christine travelled by train to Saxnäs North of the Artic Circle, in Swedish Sápmi, for Nordic Summer University’s winter session, and presented work together with Ragnhild Freng Dale.

January 5th
The team behind “Walking Lecture on Ants” met in the snowclad hills, and began the work on our piece, while also making a very first test, inviting Augustine as our trial audience.

January, 7th, 9th
“Augustine Collective” invited for two showings, in Bogens with ten visitors, in Aarhus at Godsbanen with less guests. Interesting and participatory explorations!

January, 4th-5th
The team of the Ant-piece meet again and try out concrete ideas, in a magically beautiful snow landscape (even if the piece itself will be a city piece). The Augustines take part as guineapigs.

December, 26th
6 adults, 1 baby arrive – “Augustine Collective”; an international dance collective will work for a fortnight in the studio, across New Year; on ownership & authorship.

December, 16th
“Flugtende Fortællinger” (Parallel/Fleeing Tales – the wordplay is hard to translate) has a first test pilot – a row of storyteller evenings, organized by Nemo and Mads. Join an evening on January 26th, February 16th or in March. Read more here.

December 15th
The team behind our upcoming “Walking Lecture on Ants” (pilot Aug. 2017) meet for the first tie for an intensive working day in Mols.

November 17th
Christine has gone to Helsinki for a ten-days residency at ESKUS – Performance Center where also our friends Other Spaces work.

November 3d
Christine has travelled to IETM i Valencia in order to expand our network and catch up, as well as work in The Mentor Room.

October 24th
We welcome a visit to Mols by two of the members of the Arts Council of the Aarhus Municipality. This way they could – at the nearing end of their three-year founding – experience the location and frames where most of “Landscape Dialogues”-projects take place.

October 1st
Secret Hotel continues the collaboration with Lone Mørch, started in August – with both developing the organisation structures, as well as concrete production tasks.

September 16th 2016
Our project “Mit Sted” (My Place) from Sept-Oct 2015 has now been well-documented by Rasmus Reimer, see it on this link. Click on “subtitles” in Youtube, and you should get our translation work, not the automated stufffff.

September 9th-11th 2016
Performance Writing meets the Ocean led by freelance artist Melanie Thomsen in National Park Mols Bjerge was held last weekend, with 9 content participants.  Inspiring days! Read more about the workshop.

June 6th 2016
At this years Frie Felts Festival Secret Hotel has been a part of the co-production Hamlet Private with Gnab Collective, starring performer Nini Julia Bang at Café Elefanten in Dansehallerne. The performance is shown 6th, 9th and 10th of June and the 8th of June it is possible to meet Nini and Christine to an Artist Talk event 4-5pm. Read more.

A WAY Motiv_credit.logo.dato
Secret Hotel and Aarhus Teater invites you for a strange picnic. Premiere 12th of May.
 A story of life – the ways we choose or the ways we leave… In A WAY you’ll meet young and elderly people from Eritrea, Mols, Syria and Aarhus. Pieces of life stories tangle and intertwine as you walk in the spring through the hills of Mols, in a landscape where things are not as they seem. The tale starts when you get on the bus in Aarhus. Read more.

April 13th 2016
At this years Aprilfestival Secret Hotel shows B.O.D.Y – To have or to be 13th, 16th and 17th of April. Book free tickets.
Uta Plate and Christine Fentz also invites you to Other Land workshop investigating the connection between inner and outer landscapes and lifestories, investigating methods used in Secret Hotel’s new walking performance A Way (premiere 12th of May). The workshop takes place 12th of april, 15.00-19.00 o’ clock Frederiksberg Hovedbibliotek, Falkonerplads 3. Sign up:

October 26th
Just finishing a workshop in Performance Writing by Melanie Thompson.
The 29th of October we in invite you to our first Storytelling eve in Mols.  Comeand listen when Britt Svejstrup Jochumsen from Randers Fortællerne lures the you into wild tales of fairies and trolls in the old days and now…Everybody is invited for warm soup and stories October 29th, 7.30 at Drejs’ gård Provstskovsvej 9 Bogens, Ebeltoft.

October 3d
We’ve just had our friends from Sødalskolen visting Mols for the 2nd time, as guests at our general rehearsal, and tomorrow we then have the big performance day. Everybody are tired, but we believe in the result. Come walk with us October 4th, 11:30am, and 2pm (followed by Butcher Kruses Grill in action)

September 2oth
The Gellerup version of My Place went well, and the artistic team are now relocating back to Mols, for the next episode, at Molsskolen, including the children of Sødalsskolen visiting Mols.

September 7th
It has begun: The two Australian artists, Verena Curr and Sue Loveday – and the two Danish, Tina Andersen and Helga Rosenfeldt – have now, together with Christine, begun the work with the two 5th grade classes at Sødalskolen. In two weeks we invite you for the premiere on My Place, Sept. 20th!!

August 31st
We have planned to be madly busy in first half of Autumn – so now we have already begun our big autumn production My Place (Mit Sted), coprod. with The Walking Neighbourhood (AUS). Experience walking performance in Gellerup September 20th, and in Knebel, Mols October 4th.

August 30th
The Summer Lab is ending & closing – 10 magical days with 20 phantastique and inspiring teachers, participants and volunteers  is over, and all travel back home, feeling more rich. While the present reasons to travel through Europe makes everyone think once more…

August 25th
Summer Lab held the planned Open Day with many friends from both near and afar, and a full programme – through both light drizzle and sunshine all happened very well, the buffet from the Restaurant The Apples of Idun was, as usual, incredible good, and several people visited the sauna later on. All in all a very succesfull Open Day.

August 20th
Landscape Dialogues Summer Lab 2015 has started! See today’s statement by Christine Fentz on facebook. On Tuesday we open the doors to the laboratory, with an Open Day, where all who are interested are welcome to drop by the old farm in Mols Bjerge.

August 6th
We begin the Autumn Season with an open Info Meeting about Secret Hotel, at Mogador Tea Salon, Aug. 13th at 7.30 pm. Hear about Landscape Dialogues, about our Autumn Programme and get a change to become a volunteer in one of our activities.

July 3rd
Summer has finally arrived! And soon we’re off on holiday. But first it is our joy to present Secret Hotel’s autumn programme for 2015. Have a look at our calendar here – and make crosses in your own!

June 7th
Christine has breathed in international and Danish inspiration on the festival LandSHAPE in Hanstholm, and is now on her way to Stege, Southern Denmark, for three days Work in the network In Touch.

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