Barn Art Symposium


Barn Art Symposium, Secret Hotels annual Mols situated festival is a meeting point, a melting pot for artists and other professionals who meet to share thoughts, creative processes, and presentations. The festval was a great succes in 2012 and 2013 – now we are planning Barn Art Symposium III, which runs 20th -25th of August 2014.

This year Secret Hotel invites you for an open day saturday the 23th og August from 12 am – come by and get a taste of the artistic work, and stay for a sauna and a simpel dinner. The adress is Provstskovvej 9, Bogens, 8400 Ebeltoft. 

Any questions? Please contact Line: +45 50556263 / or Christine + 45 86362433.

Barn Art Symposium I 12th – 16th of July 2012: Five artists from Italy, Germany, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland/Switzerland, Australia and Denmark shared work and thoughts with each other, neighbours and other participants:
We had waking up morning sessions by Colin Poole or Stefano Questorio.
As well as: Performances, a concert, presentations, workshops and lectures by Stefano Questorio (I), Martina Marti (SCH/SF), Jochen Arbeit (D), Ronan Vandrer (DK), Af-Af (AUS), Mette Bovin (DK), André Austvoll (N) and Secret Hotel/Christine (DK). And then, of course, great food!

Barn Art Symposium II was held August 15th – 19th 2013, and this time we chose the theme of deep ecology – we are all part of a greater whole! Besides sharing work an ongoing dialogue took place about our relation to our surroundings, sustainability and how the landscape can affect both art and other human activities.

 Secret Hotel were very happy once again to host a broad variety of interesting and inspiring work which stimulated lively talks.
– Katrine Faber and Søren Friboe (DK) opened BAS with their participatory concert Singing the Place
– Anthropologist Mette Bovin (DK) showed her documentary about the Wodabee tribe from Niger and Mali
– Martina Marti (CH/SF), Emma Suominen (SF) and Nini Julia Bang (DK) created their solo performance ”Hamlet Private” for Mols after a succesfull visit in Berlin. It was performed during three days of BAS
– Secret Hotel’s walking performance ”Tanke Gange” (”Think Walk”) opened the second day of BAS
– The Danish biologist Inger Kærgaard shared her knowledge and considerations regarding forests on this planet
– Dancer and choreographer Dagmar Dachauer (A) showed ”Treeo” – a work in progress involving dance and a tree, which she wanted      feedback on
– Phd student from Helsinki University, Corinna Casi (I), presented the philosophy of deep ecology
– Performer and director Charlotta G. Cederblad (S) discussed her planned performance about consumption and emancipation
– The musician Anna Ottertun (S) performed her compositions mixing Arab and Swedish singing and asked for response
– Shaman and lecturer Annette Høst (DK) made a presentation about a her world view as a shaman
– Dancer and performer Stefano Questorio (I) arranged a yoga walk in the landscape

 Mie Lotus wrote about Barn Art Symposium II on her blog Lotus & Skov
Article about Barn Art Symposium II by local newspaper Ebeltoft Folketidende 
Dagmar Dachauer, dancer and performer from Austria, wrote  “Barn Art Symposium II Chronicle”

Barn Art Symposium II was funded by Danish Arts Council