Wolf Safari

Hunt as a wolf…
You walk alone in the dark night, listening for the other wolves, howling towards the sky for them to hear you. You’re searching for your pack. Finally you find them, and together,  you hunt down a prey through the city, through the night – like wolves in human skin. 

After 200 years absence the wolf has returned to Denmark. Its wildness and strong pack mentality is wrapped in story and myths. Some fear them, others admire them – most are fascinated by them. With Wolf Safari Secret Hotel invited the Finnish performance group Other Spaces to give a rare glimpse into the life of wolves, and break down the prejudice and myths surrounding them.

Wolf Safari is a nightly walking lecture experience, where participants learn and try to hunt like a wolf pack.

Secret Hotel has collaborated with Other Spaces before, among other events, we brought the popular front runner to Wolf Safari, Reindeer Safari to Denmark in both 2013 and 2104.

Wolf Safari premiered in Denmark during the Aarhus 2017-festival Little Rebellions in August  (from Brobjergskolen) with showings in Aarhus, and in Copenhagen from Dansehallerne.

Other Spaces (in Finnish Toisissa tiloissa) is a Helsinki based live arts collective. Founded in 2004, the group consists of artists from various art fields. Other Spaces invents and develops collective physical exercises through which people can visit “other spaces”, i.e. enter in contact with the modes of being and experience other than human. Wolf Safari has been performed at several art festivals and at the Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany. 

More about the evening:
Wolf Safari consists of three phases: First a wolf school, where you learn to imitate certain characteristics of the wolves behavioral patterns and pack mentality. Thereafter, the actual walking. Each participant will start on their own, tracking down their pack through listening and howling. When the pack has gathered, they will hunt down a prey for dinner, symbolically represented by the food offered by the prey. The safari closes with a debriefing, where everyone gets to reflect and share about their experience. Wolf Safari gives you the chance to experience your city, yourself and your fellow human beings in a new and different way. 


3 min trailer about the Wolf Safari: