Trace of…

an installation created for a room in a damp uninviting basement.

Our intial idea was to create a theatrical scenography, a kind of theatrical space devoid performers or actions. We wanted to create a room that would have a physical and visceral impact on people upon entering. This inspired the idea of a ‘mysterious and abandoned room charged with ambiguous and strange traces’… but traces of what? We wanted to let the audience/viewers make their own connections.

Though uninviting, the room had great potential in all its abandonment. Acting upon the premise that the room was partly a storeroom and partly a pragmatic building site, we started working with the idea of traces or images taken from well known fairy tales. Interested in the idea of ‘uninterrupted actions’, actions having been abandoned in medias res, we ‘composed’ a room with abandoned tool box and ladder, old coffee cups, butcher’s hooks, hunting tools, apples sliced in halves pinned to the wall, photographs of trees suspended on a wire. Blocks of ice were suspended in hooks from the ceiling creating a damp effect and a feel as the ice was slowly melting.

A peculiar smell was generated from spring onions suspended from the ceiling in leather hooks, the apples sliced in halves and the wet lentils on the floor. Combined with the slightly theatrical illusion of a green spotlight, the room became like an underwater environment, damp, wet and slightly murky. The sound of the crackling lentils under the feet of the visitors and a looped soundscape added to the narratives of the installation.