Earthwise Residency

Earthwise Residency
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Earthwise Residency is situated in the middle of the beautiful nationalpark ‘Mols Bjerge’. The work was begun by Secret Hotel in 2012, and in 2020, we celebrated the official opening of Earthwise, which now will have its own organizational structure.
Earthwise Residency is for artists and researchers, who work with the ‘more-than-human’ – meaning species and landscapes, with whom we share this planet.
It is possible to stay at Earthwise for both shorter and longer periods. In the future we hope to offer regular residencies based on two annual calls. But for now it is possible to stay here on a self-paid work-retreat, or to rent the facilities for workshops and smaller events.

Earthwise Residency has a big residency house with ocean view. 13 hectar of land and a cozy rehearsal studio. We welcome you to an artistic environment, which is both calm and buzzing, and where our core values are sustainability, care and consideration.

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