In the Field


Photos:  Barbara Katzin, Søren Gammelmark (, Anne-Mette Hoffmann-Christensen, F. Praising

How do we relate to our surroundings; to place, space and time– in different landscapes and cultures? “In the Field” investigates our perspective on man´s role in the world. It conveys the hostess Christine Fentz’ experiences and reflections from the open spaces of Siberian Tuva, and the Danish fields and big modern cities.
You’re invited to an untraditional mixture of theatre and lecture, of thoughts, pictures, tea, talks and beautiful surprises.

Booking of the performance lecture for 8-12 year olds:

– ”Thanks for a different, crazy, timeless, inspiring, pleasant evening with a lot wisdom served in a surprising and playful manner.” Festival 2010, Esbjerg

I think about Tuva and the houses there. I like places where strangers tell different stories. I would like to travel. Towns are wonderful, because they are full of people and shops.” Sini, 9 years old, Northern Finland

Performer: Christine Fentz

Length: 45 min. (incl. in and out) Price in danish kroner: 6.700,- inkl. vat, plus travel and stay.
: 120 min. Desempling: 30 min.

Booking: TLF +45  5055 6263 /

Booking of the performance lecture for adults:

Thanks for a different, crazy, timeless, inspiring, pleasant evening with a lot of wisdom served in a surprising and artful manner. An evening which inspired and needs to be digested.” From our guestbook (Teaterfestival 10, Esbjerg)

I have searched for a long time for a performative format where it is ”just as much about us, as it is about you; you who know what will happen next”. Where we are together without any barrier between us and a stage. And now I have met it, tried it, this format is totally balanced, and like a kind of meditation and at the same time an eye-opener.” Ida Houkjær Jørgensen

Performer: Christine Fentz
: 80 min. Price in Danish kroner: 6.700,- including vat, plus transport.
: 120 min. Sweeping: 30 min.

Booking: TLF +45  5055 6263 /


Philosophers, musicians, singers, performance artists, directors, dancers, a professor & jazz musician, a student of geology, an author, visual artists, an architect & curator from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Tuva: Carsten Friberg, Jens Balder, Anna Ottertun, Vera Mäder, Andrew Bowie, Tobias Stål, Mary-Jo Gilligan, Tom Swift, Suzanne Mooney, Johan Forsman, Deborah Vlaeymanns, Annette Asp Christensen, Rasmus Hagedorn Lorens, Kunderek Munzuk, Janine Eisenächer, Lisa Lucassen, Eva Klee, Pauliina Feodorov, Brian Degn, Sara Hamming, Rose Parekh-Gaihede, Erik Pold, Jörn Burmester, Christina Back, Christian Holm Christensen, Niels Bjerg, Henrik Vestergaard Friis, Claudia Mayer, Kristofer Krarup.

Supported by Danish Arts Council, Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje, Nordisk Ministerråd (Nordscen/Nordic Resort), Kulturhus Århus og Högskolan för Scen och Musik v/ Göteborgs Universitet og Pulje til International Teaterudveksling.

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