Summer Lab

For the first time, Secret Hotel presented The Landscape Dialogues Summer Lab, from August 20-30 2015. The Landscape Dialogues Summer Lab was a part of our long-term interdisciplinary project Landscape Dialouges. We invited participants who wanted to investigate interdisciplinary working methods, relating to concrete place, space and landscape.

Interdisciplinary laboratory in Mols Hills, where ten international artists and researchers will investigate place, space and landscape in relation to the body, and exchange and challenge their own work. The lab offers sensorial and experimental work, lab days, workshops, guest lectures and Open Day.

The investigations happened through sensory, experimental and somatic explorations in different workshops. These  included exchanges of ideas, theories and practices. Secret Hotel had invited the Finnish collective Other Spaces (whom we have earlier hosted with their Reindeer Safari), and the Israelian dancer, coreographer and Feldenkrais-practicioner, Meytal Blanaru. They both facilitated three-days workshops.  

Between the workshops there was time for lab-days, where we invited a series of experts to give lectures in a.o. biology, philosophy, permaculture and shamanism. Besides, we facilitated a forum of exchange for participants, teachers and guests. There were also space for individual presentations, showings of work-in-progress, camp fire, sauna and joint dinners.

The Landscape Dialogues Summer Lab took place at Secret Hotel’s recidence center in Mols Bjerge, and lots of the work took place outside in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Here are links to concrete results from meetings happening at the Lab:

“Hunting Ninas”
 (video) by Nina Tzatziki (AUS) and Sohar Villegas (RA)- participants at the Lab

“Reading Movement” (video) by Khaled Barghouthi (PAL) and Camilla Nelson (UK) – participants at the Lab. They have received full British Council and Arts Council Funding from the Artists’ International Development fund to develop ‘Reading Movement’.