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“Kulning” – Ancient Power of the Voice in Mols Bjerge, w/ Helle Thun
Workshop in historical folk singing from Nordic ancient history and mountain pastures.

Date: September 18-20th 2015
Time: Arrival Friday Sept. 18th from 4.00 pm.
The workshop begins on Friday at 5.30 pm and ends on Sunday at 4.30 (good connection to the ferry Ebeltoft/Odden at 5.15 pm)

Nordic ancient singing in the landscape. A magical atmosphere appears when nature, beautiful singing, raw energy, musical creativity and communication becomes united. In this workshop, you will get a change of such a magical experience. Find the power of nature in your voice and learn the unique Old Nordic singing tradition “kulning” (pronounced kylning in Danish) – a music tradition from hills and woods.

 Participation requires a healthy voice and some experience in singing. Max. 8 participants.

Kulning is a type of strong yelling and calling, used for long distance communication in the Nordic mountain pastures during summer. Every shepherd had his own call and melodies as part of his work with the animals. However, long distance communication with other shepherds was just as important. A rural area had its own melodies as part of its identity and shared working practice. Through kulning, you could i.e. announce your geographical position, or call for help and tell if it were a goat, cow, sheep, or yourself who was in danger. The workshop is an introduction to this tradition, departing in “kulning” traditions from Dalerne in Sweden.

Workshop niveau 1
– Traditional mountain pasture songs and kulning melodies.
– Intro to singing techniques and musical styles in the tradition, plus improvisation.
– Lecture about the history of kulning, with sound and pictures.

To explore communication through singing and music is fun, but it can also cross a boarder in terms of modern everyday voice levels and discretion norms. Here we break those norms. With kulning as a demanding voice practice, we, as well, move deeply into a healthy and careful singing technique. The work will include voice yoga, emancipating voice exercises, training of listening and musical style, as well as meditative moments in nature, without sound.

The workshop takes place in the middle of the Danish National Park Mols Bjerge, a long way from neighbors, based in a beautiful old thatched roof house with all modern facilities. Here there is peace, freedom, and optimal possibilities to practice ones voice and experience kulning in its right element. It is a great pleasure to offer a workshop in kulning in this place.