Koreografi og dramaturgi – workshop

Choreography / Dramaturgy Workshop

During the weekend Friday 29th November to Sunday 1’st December, 2002 Secret Hotel in collaboration with a number of organisations – Dansevaerket, Aarhus, Institute for Dramaturgy (University of Aarhus), Danish Dramaturg Society, and School for Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen – organised a Choreography/Dramaturgy workshop led by Belgian dramaturg Hildegaard de Vuyst, who has previously worked with Alan Platel, Wim Vandekeybus and various choreographers from Les Ballet C de la C. The workshop was offered to Danish choreographers who were interested in exploring possible dramaturgical strategies and questions in their own processes and work. The workshop’s objective was to introduce the choreographers to dramaturgical vocabularies in looking at structures and how to be precise in articulating intentions and motivation in the decision making process. The objective was also to introduce the choreographers to the dramaturg as a creative collaborator and ‘confidant’ in the process and work. For three days, four choreographers and their dancers worked with Hildegard de Vuyst on selected material in order to generate new questions about their working methods and to discuss how communication between the stage and the audience could be enhanced through clearer dramaturgical decisions. The Sunday session, which took place at Gran – Theatre for Dance, was presented in front of an invited audience.

Choreographers: Sara Gebran, Kamilla Wargo Brekling, Anette Wiessner, Cristina Moura

Dancers & perfomers: Eve Garnier, Kristoffer Krarup, Lars Dahl Pedersen, Radek Hewlett, Cristina Moura, Lali Ayguarde

Observers: Eva Damholt, Christine Fentz, Ida Jørgensen, Synne Behrndt

Production: Christine Fentz, Nanna Rohweder, Charlotte Mors