Hamlet Private

“Hamlet Private” takes you on a personal journey into the world of Shakespeares Hamlet. Without stage lights or other effects – purely by the performer Nini Julia Bang’s own storytelling and presence, Hamlet is created directly in your imagination. The show is based on your own life and the choices you make. Hamlet’s questions becomes your questions – his hesitation and his choices yours.

The show was last performed in Copenhagen and Helsingør, 2016.

The history behind “Hamlet Private”
When “Tanke Gange” performed in August and September 2013, the one-on-one performance “Hamlet Private” with the performer Nini Julia Bang. could be seen afterwards. As a result of a residency in Mols during Barn Art Symposium IIthe Swiss-Finnish artist Martina Marti created a Danish version of “Hamlet Private”, together with Nini and the photographer Emma Suominen. Here you can experience how Shakespeares Hamlethas connections to choices in your own life. A Hamlet just for you, in a personal meeting without any theatrical effects.

© Original version 2012 by Martina Marti, Marion Maisano & Cécile Orblin. Coproducers – Gnab Collective & Secret Hotel