Landscape Dialogues

“Landscape Dialogues” is a several year long interdisciplinary project with guest performances, professional exchanges, laboratories and debates. It aims at exploring how to use and challenge performing art from an approach, where ethics, reflection, sustainability and our physical surroundings are key elements.

“Landscape Dialogues” will evolve at the intersection between:

Participatory performing arts: a characteristic of Secret Hotel’s work, where both senses and intellect are stimulated.

Sustainability and Deep Ecology: We cannot go “out into nature” because we are nature ourselves, and the surroundings should not only been seen as resources for humans.

Landscapes: Our surroundings, contexts, and cycles which we are deeply depending on. Landscape is both rural and urban places. We will often work site specific, activities taking place elsewhere than in the theatre black box as we want to meet people where they are, and because the site has a great effect on participants.

At the core of “Landscape Dialogues” is a curiosity towards how art can influence peoples relation to their surroundings; how future performing arts will be created partly with and by the participants and partly by interdisciplinary meetings; and how art can combine sensitivity towards environment and surroundings – simply put: Questioning and analyzing with a wish to avoid romanticism and nostalgia.

“Landscape Dialogues” draws on a wide range of activities and worldviews. The word ‘holistic’ is – along with other labels – a limited and limiting definition. The following list shows which somewhat related fields and spheres of activities we relate to: Participatory performing arts, sustainability, animism, shamanism and spirituality, biology, anthropology, human geography, knowledge of indigenous peoples etc. The common denominator of all these approaches is a deep sensitivity to surroundings, context and environment.

Secret Hotel’s aim is to create easily accessible performing art experiences that stimulate participants to reflect upon and ask important questions about life, society and worldviews. We ask: What can the performing art learn from holistic thinking and what can holistic thinking learn from performing arts?
“Landscape Dialogues” consists of a number of platforms and meetings where the above described “landscape” is being explored from various artistic and theoretical angles, in the meeting of participants from diverse backgrounds. The project has grown out of various activities since April 2013 among others “Reindeer Safari” , “Think Walk”, “Barn Art Symposia” and “Hamlet Private” in 2013 and “Debate Weekend, reprise of “Think Walk”, and Sensescapes 2014. The official start is 2015 where we offer  performative dinners, sensorial walks,  the walking performance A Way and a lot more.