Deutsches Liederabend – Hausbesuche/House Call

All artists in ArtGenda had to devise a Hausbesuche/Housecalls, a ‘private event’ in a private home. The host project’s intention was to bring art into people’s private houses and where the hosts were more or less prepared and had some inkling about the nature of the event, the friends they invited over for the evening would not know what was in store! The event could literally be anything, from installation, exhibition, to documentation, performance, recycling moments from previous events during the week, etc.

On the idea of performer Burkhard Forstreuter, the event became a Deutsches Lieder AbendGerman Song Evening, where the surprised and intrigued hosts and their guests were asked to engage in a sing-a-long with Burkhard and Christine. The songs they were asked to sing were well known German folk songs and children songs. Dressed up in formal eveningwear Burkhard and Christine gathered the ‘audience’ around the video projector and an artificial camp fire. After hours of singing accompanied by the sound of heavy thunder outside, consumption of cheap chocolate and spurred on by the theme of singing, the evening came to a close with a debate about national pride and identity.

Idea and performers: Burkhardt Forstreuter og Christine Fentz
Solo singing and flute: Christine Fentz
Sing along: The participating guests

Recipe for German Song Evening