Creative practises and sharing sessions

Relating to the earth

Rethinking how we approach the world and move through it, the workshop will take its point of departure in the creative practice of gardening. By slowly working with the earth, the participants are encouraged to connect with a tradition, somatically experiencing this wonderful craft. This is to aid participants in the development of new pathways towards being in, reflecting on, and interacting with the world.

Christine Fentz Performing artist, director, and dramaturge. MA in Dramaturgy from University of Aarhus, and apprenticeship in Germany. Artistic Director of Secret Hotel and host of Earthwise Residency. Christine’s artistic work grows from relations to the land and multispecies, with spiritual and animist values. Inspiration comes from pre-Christian Nordic cosmology, many travels to Tuva in Siberia and her everyday life with land and animals. She has also done a lot of cultural political work in Denmark.

Trine Rytter Andersen is a visual artist, curator, climate activist and art critic.
Over more than a decade she has focused on that particular branch of contemporary art which is highly alarmed by climate change and mass extinction. She lives in Mols and is connected to Earthwise and involved with regenerative practices and making kinship with the more-than-human. This year Trine has, as also in 2021, been part of curating the Earthboundsymposium

From experience we know that the participants bring lots of knowledge and practices to share. We welcome the relational worldview by allocating time for us all to get a taste of who the participants are.

We hope to let these sharing sessions inform a part of the programme of the ensuing Earthbound symposium.

EARTHBOUND is based on the core values and holistic principles: Care, Consideration, Respect, Sustainability, and Exchange of both knowledge and the virtues of pursuing a hunch.

Gardening and talking or silences will be supplemented with other practices aimed at relating to the surrounding landscape, as well as stimulating the creativity and collective imagination of the participants.

EARTHBOUND 2023 is organised by the performance theatre Secret Hotel in collaboration with: School of Communication and Culture, Dramaturgy– Aarhus University, Earthwise Residency and others.

EARTHBOUND 2023 is supported by: Central Denmark Region, The Danish Arts Foundation, The City of Aarhus and Syddjurs Kommune.