Program for the EARTHBOUND symposium

Everyday we meet at: Kasernen, Aarhus University, Langelandsgade 139, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark.
The program below will be subject to change.


WEDNESDAY 26.09.18 – DAY 1 – at Kasernen


8:00-8:30 YOGA at Kasernen with Trine Vinther (mats available), Small Hall

8:30-9:40 Registration, Foyer

9:45-10:45 MORNING BRIEFING, breakfast and welcome by Thomas Rosendal Nielsen and Christine Fentz, Foyer

11:00-12:30 “Golden Snail Opera” + Q & A in the Big Hall

12:30-13:30 LUNCH, buffet by Institute of Meals, Foyer

13:35-15:30 TRIO SESSION: led by Adam Bencard, with Anna Tsing and Tuija Kokkonen, Big Hall



15:30-16:00 Walk to either the Botanical Garden or the University Park with bloodsugar first aid (the two groups have been devided beforehand)

16:00-18:00 PARALLEL SESSION: “Walking Lecture on Ants” – Secret Hotel

16:00-18:00 PARALLEL SESSION: “Cracks” – Charlotta Ruth



18:30-19:30 DINNER, by Institute of Meals, Foyer

19:30 Angela Rawlings, “SOUND OF MULL”, book release and video showing, Foyer and Big Hall (Public)

20:00-20:50 Concert with Elle Márjá Eira, Big Hall (Public)

21:30 Last person leaves the building



THURSDAY 27.09.18 – DAY 2 – at Moesgaard


8:00-8:30 YOGA at Kasernen with Trine Vinther (mats available), Big Hall

8:30-10:00 MORNING BRIEFING & breakfast by Performing Arts Platform, Foyer. With Bo Fritzbøger




PARALLEL SESSION in the buses to Moesgaard


MOESGAARD, Lecture hall and outside

10:45 Gathering in the Lecture Hall, Tina Andersen’s “Singing Soil”, and special guests

11:00-13:00 TRIO SESSION: Led by Fröydi Laszlo, with Lourdes Orozco, and Christine Fentz, Lecture Hall

13:00-13:45 LUNCH, from Kemisk Kantine, Lecture Hall

13:45 Gathering in the courtyard, walking to the performance site, outdoors

14:00-14:30 “Blubber in Numbers”, performance by Jessie Kleemann, outdoors

14:30-14:45 Small meditation. Walking to the horse lab site, outdoors

14:45-15:45 Horse Lab – work in progress sharing by Kat, Ruairí, Lourdes, Hraptinni and Kveikur, outdoors

16:00-16:45 Blood sugar aid, and digesting in walks

17:00-17:30 Q&A with Jessie Kleemann, indoors

17:30-18:00 Q&A with Horse Lab team, indoors

18:30-19:30 DINNER – from Institute of Meals, indoor




Buses going back to Aarhus, Kasernescenen



FRIDAY 28.09.18 – DAY 3 – at Rødegaard/Vistoft


8:00-8:30 YOGA at Kasernen with Trine Vinther (mats available), Big Hall

8:30-9:50 MORNING BRIEFING, breakfast, Foyer



10:00-11:00 PARALLEL SESSION in the buses to Vistoft: Thomas Rosendal, about participation, + Sound art

10:00-11:00 PARALLEL SESSION in the buses to Vistoft: Esben Bjerggard, about the Anthropocene, + Sound art



11:00-11:15 Arrival at Rødegaard, preparing the big hall together

11:15-13:15 TRIOSESSION, big hall: Led by Anette Vandsø, with Birgit Løkke and Elle Márjá Eira

13:30-14:15 LUNCH, from Institute of Meals

14:15-14:45 “Vestigios”, short film by Lilibeth Cuenca, and talk via internet. Workshop-choosing

15:00-17:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS: Six workshops, some of them outdoor, workshop info in separate hand-out

During the workshop time, blood sugar help will be organized

17:15-18:00 Sharing session about the workshops, big hall

18:00-18:30 Summarizing EARTHBOUND

18:30-19:00 Preparing the space, each workshop group has a specific task

19:00-20:30 DINNER (the Cooking Class presents from their 1 month growing preparations), + Live music



21:00-22:00 SESSIONS in the bus to Aarhus, Kasernescenen: Thomas Rosendal and Esben Bjerggard

21:00-21:15 Transport in cars to Bogens


SATURDAY 29.09.18 – DAY 4 – in Bogens


This programme is kept open on purpose

8:30-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-10:00 Morning dance/Preperation of breakfast/please bring your luggage

10:00-12:30 Open program – Walks / Dialogues / meeting the horses (who have come home)

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

13:30-15:00 Open program – Walk to the sea / Sauna

15:00-15:30 Wrapping up, and goodbye

16:00 Departure for those who have to go