Luft fra Det gamle Årtusinde – curriculi

Curriculum Vitae for dåsekunstnerne bosat i Danmark, i alfabetisk oversigt – og på engelsk.

Julie Asmussen Educated from Insitute of Visual Communication at The Danish Design School and from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden. Cofounder of the design quartet ”Spild af Tid” (Waste of Time). With these artists she has done illustration and graphics on for instance cooking books, television graphics and net based children computer games. She has taken part in several exhibitions.

Mette-Kirstine Bak Educated 1999 from Department of Illustration, Institute of Visual Communication at The Art and Crafts School in Kolding. Since 1997 freelance iIllustrator of numerous children books, school books, posters, etc. as well as making courses for children.

Søren Behncke / Papfar* Is one of the most important representatives of street art in Denmark. From the starting point of the straight and unpretentious style of street art and the language of graffiti and activism Søren Behncke adds an extra dimension with a universal and symbolic language built on signs from the consumer society and humorous linguistic plays.

*) Cardboard Dad (usually used for Step Father)

Els Cools Born, raised and educated (Sint- Lucaspaviljoen) in Belgium as an illustrator and graphic designer. Also studied at the Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she met her future husband resulting in her moving to Denmark. She likes to play with and mix realistic elements to create surrealistic and grotesque pictures that illustrate a crooked world.

Ole Dalsgaard alias Oscar K Debut 1970 with the poetry collection ‘City, my love’ and has since published numerous novels, plays, children and youth books, amongst these latest the illustraed book IDIOT! (2009) and the new graphic novel: HEISENBERG REVISITED (2010).

Elevator / Denise Burt and Andreas Rønne Nielsen Denise Burt is a graphic artist and designer based in Copenhagen where she designs for many of Denmark’s national music institutions. She studied at the Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand. Andreas Rønne Nielsen is co-founder of the consultancy Wanscher & Nielsen and was educated at the Danish Writers School.

Saaed Fadavi Educated at the Art and Crafts School in Kolding 1990 and subsequently at the Architect School in Aarhus 1990. Teacher and artistic advisor, and innovator and project leader at “The School of Art” in Aarhus. Furthermore working with sculptures, murals, decorations and paintings on a freelance basis.

Aleksej Iskos Born in 1965 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studied architecture at Kharkov’s Institute of Civil Engineering and later theory of education at the State Institute of Pedagogic. Moved to Denmark in 1991. Graduated from Institute of Industrial Design at Denmark’s Designskole in 1996. From 1999 to 2010 employed at Komplot Design, Copenhagen. In 1997 initiated the design group Light Stories. Member of SE furniture design association from 1997. In 2001 received 3 years grant from the State Art Council. Various works are included in collections of The Danish Museum of Art & Design, The State Art Council collection and Icelandic Museum of Design.

Søren Jessen Writer, illustrator, painter. First book published in 1990 and since then he has written 40 more, many of which are illustrated. Two of his novels for adults are illustrated too. March 2010 his new novel for adults “Vildnisset” (The Wilderness) is published. Books: and paintings:

Dorte Karrebæk Educated at Danish School of Arts and Crafts in 1968 (now The Danish Design School), and has since her debut in 1982 illustrated more than 100 children books, in addition to some 30 children books written by herself.

Rune T. Kidde Since 1975 he has written and drawn for more than 100 books in extremely different genres such as novels, poetry, children books, humorous works, cartoons and biographies. He has dramatized adaptations of Tolkien and created the Disgusting Fairy Tales, both for the National Radio, as well as published and taken part in numerous cd publications.

Line Kramhøft Educated 1997 from Department of Textiles at The Art and Crafts School in Kolding. Lived and studied in Japan, partly at the textile factory Takeda Kahei. She has done various projects and exhibitions, and lately works with both three dimensional textile pictures and with developing poetic and tactile surfaces of concrete.

Mette Damsgaard Nielsen Freelance illustrator in LLUSTRA in collaboration with Simon Bodh Nielsen, doing illustrations and graphic design for magazines, books, companies, etc. Educated 1999 from Department of Illustration, Institute of Visual Communication at The Art and Crafts School in Kolding. Also studied at École Supérieure Estienne des Arts et Industries Graphique, Paris.

Simon Bodh Nielsen Freelance illustrator in LLUSTRA in collaboration with Mette Damsgaard Nielsen, doing illustrations and graphic design for magazines, books, companies, etc. Educated 2000 from Department of Illustration, Institute of Visual Communication at The Art and Crafts School in Kolding. Also studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

Lars Vegas Nielsen Educated from Visual Communication at The Art and Crafts School in Kolding 1996. Freelance illustrator and news paper cartoonist since 1996 on several newspapers, magazines, etc. Does a weekly satire in the literature section of Danish newspaper Weekend Avisen. Illustrates children books as well.

Camilla Rasborg Works with installations, collage, graphics, sculpture, photo and drawing. Educated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2002. She has taken part in exhibitions in both Denmark and abroad, and has had separate exhibitions as well. Works with a conceptual approach and comments on our values and our meeting with the surrounding world.

Randi Schmidt Educated as a graphic designer and illustrator from Designskolen Kolding, 1997. Illustrate, paints and does freelance graphic projects in collaboration with other artists. Works as a graphic designer for the Aarhus Festival since 2000. Co-curator on the Air from the Old Millennium Project.

Åsa Sonjasdotter Visual artist from Sweden, based in Tromsø, Norway and in Berlin, Germany. She holds an MFA from the Department of Theory and Communication at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and has also studied at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway. She is professor of Contemporary Fine Art at The University College of Tromsø. Her practice focuses on identity, relations, social gathering and ecology. Amongst many exhibitions and projects: Tea Pavilion (3rd Guangzhou Triennal, Guangzhou, China, 2008).

Cato Thau-Jensen Educated 1996 from Department of Graphic and Illustration, and from Institute of Visual Communication at The Art and Crafts School in Kolding. Debut in 1995 illustrating a publication by Kim Fupz Aakeson, and has since then illustrated numerous publications and children books, as well as done outdoor and indoor decorations.

Jørn Villumsen Educated as a lithographer in 1979, (and) educated at The Danish Design School in 1985 (then The School of Decorative Art). Freelance cartoonist since 1985 on various newspapers, magazines and books. Working on one of Denmark’s biggest newspapers Politiken since 1990. Has illustrated numerous children books, posters and has designed figures for animation movies, etc.

Jens Blendstrup Danish writer and dramatist and sometimes also poet. Part of the FRODEGRUPPEN40, a Danish Hammond organ dance band, and author of numerous plays, novels and short stories.

Thomas Boysen Anker Trained as a philosopher at University of Copenhagen. Currently doing a PhD, partly in Scotland, identifying and discussing the social impact of commercial branding and marketing. At the heart of his philosophical interest lies the concept of political and individual autonomy or freedom.

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