In the Field (8-12 år)

It was therapie. It felt really nice and it was comfortable to have some tea. There were some sounds and we had to close our eyes. Some sound really frightend me! My dream would be to have a new home. I got many thoughts from Christine… Sara, child from Finland

Yesterday I was out, I played there. The morning is short and the evening is like the eternity, but I can make it shorter if I do something. This is a good village to live in, because it is small. In the summer is more fun than in the winter. Miisa, child from Finland

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Performer: Christine Fentz
: 45 min. (inkl. ind- og udgang) Pris i DK: 6.700,- inkl. moms, plus rejse og ophold. Refusionsgodkendt til og med 2014. Opstillingstid: 120 min. Nedtagningstid: 30 min.

Booking: TLF +45  5055 6263 /


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