Deutsches Liederabend – Hausbesuche/House Call

All artists in ArtGenda had to devise a Hausbesuche/Housecalls, a ‘private event’ in a private home. The host project’s intention was to bring art into people’s private houses and where the hosts were more or less prepared and had some inkling about the nature of the event, the friends they invited over for the evening would not know what was in store! The event could literally be anything, from installation, exhibition, to documentation, performance, recycling moments from previous events during the week, etc.

On the idea of performer Burkhard Forstreuter, the event became a Deutsches Lieder AbendGerman Song Evening, where the surprised and intrigued hosts and their guests were asked to engage in a sing-a-long with Burkhard and Christine. The songs they were asked to sing were well known German folk songs and children songs. Dressed up in formal eveningwear Burkhard and Christine gathered the ‘audience’ around the video projector and an artificial camp fire. After hours of singing accompanied by the sound of heavy thunder outside, consumption of cheap chocolate and spurred on by the theme of singing, the evening came to a close with a debate about national pride and identity.

Idea and performers: Burkhardt Forstreuter og Christine Fentz
Solo singing and flute: Christine Fentz
Sing along: The participating guests

Recipe for German Song Evening

Hall of Fame

Photos: Ulli Gehner & Christine Fentz

Hall of Fame was an ambitious project which aimed at presenting the differentArtgenda-artists, including a show case for their previous projects and works.

Inspired by our previous projects and our name, Secret Hotel, we chose to construct a 3D installation of a hotel lobby, where each ‘hotel room’ represented our various projects between 1999-2000. This 3D installation was devised from the idea that Secret Hotel in true ‘hotel spirit’ hosts a very varied bouquet of expressions, and artists. An ongoing obsession is the idea that audiences take part in the construction of meaning in the pieces of work. We therefore chose to manifest this in the 3D installation by asking the audiences to literally open the small doors of the installation whereby both sound and lights would appear.

The 3D installation was developed and built by Christine Fentz and scenographer Sigrid Bennike.

Growing Home

Photos: Christine Fentz

Video installation about memory and retracing & discovery of forgotten moments in one’s life. A video installation lasting 17 minutes produced for the project ‘Trust Your Local Artist’.

Growing Home consisted of three different films running simultaneously in three different windows (see photos on this page). The narrative as follows: Driving at night down small winding roads. In the long forgotten language Old Norse, a bearded man attempts to remember and recite long verses from “The Elder Edda”.

The video shows the viewers/audience close-ups of the sun, branches, water drops and windscreens from another car drive. Juxtaposing the moving car with the first projection can give the viewer a feeling of entering the building seated in the car.

Aften Land

Photos: Christine Fentz

An interactive performance devised as a hybrid between site specific, performance, installation and promenade theatre.

Aarhus Swimbath, also known as Spanien (Spain) to this day has a derelict and unused third floor, known as the Wholesaler Bath. Thus titled due the predominantly wealthy clientel that frequented the premises many years ago. In this site with its history, atmosphere and peculiar architecture we created a ‘dreamscape’ universe based on two overriding narratives: the body and systems deteriorating. The latter theme was inspired by Christine’s residency in Prague and the official theme for the Aarhus Festival week. The theme for the festival was “Eastern Europe – 10 years after the Wall came down” and Aften Land/The Occident perfomed in the Festival.

Artistic director and director: Christine Fentz
Dramaturge: Synne Behrndt
Per Andreasen, Mette Demuth, Tina Lauritsen, Peter Sloth Madsen, Poul Erik Michaelsen, Christian Schrøder, Leif Bach Sørensen, Ditlev Wolfhagen, Annika B. Lewis, samt Louise Bertelsen og Christine Fentz. Installation artists: Rebecca Eriksson, Glad Fryer, Jette Gejl, Marc Hartnett, Mads Wahlberg
Sound artist: Rod Summers
Stephen Williams
Thomas Bjerregaard og de medvirkende.
Supported by: The Development Fund of the Ministery of Culture, Aarhus Festival Week, Aage & Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Dansepuljen by Danseværket and the Aarhus Council.