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In the middle of the beautiful Mols Hills (since 2009 furthermore a National Park…) Secret Hotel is building up a residency center. We have started by offering shorter residencies, and we tailor each visit according to the person in question. We focus on artists and other professionals whose work relates to the approaches or themes of Landscape Dialogues. Contact us for further info about our residency programme.

The facilities are

  • A small rehearsal studio (6 add 9m, not-high ceiling. Heated wooden floor, and wood oven), internet.
  • Separate house with splendid view, and total stillness, five guest rooms, internet, two work stations.
  • Since June 2016 a newly build atelier flat with two working tables, internet, piano, high-bed.
  • Upon request access to a wooden-heated sauna.
  • All this is situated at or near an old farm in perhaps the smallest village in Denmark (7 houses in all). Reasonable distance to shops (town of Ebeltoft, a.o.), and good transport from Copenhagen (3-4h) or Aarhus (40km), and Aarhus Airport only 20km away.

We have had the following people visiting:

  • In November 2018 Aber Dabei (director Petra Berg Holbek and set designer Igor Vasiljev) will develop the concept for their next production.
  • The three singasong-writers Anna Ottertun, Sofia Ekdahl and Marianne had a work retreat during some of July, also giving a succesful concert on July 22nd with a mora than full house!
  • Jakob Sheppard Herman composer & singer, had one of his recurring work retreats during June
  • Tizo All, Brazilian dancer & choreographer worked during 2nd half of May 2018 on his new solo “Bio”. Tizo has during 2018 worked several times with Smag/Institute of Meals, Ebeltoft
  • Dagmar Dachauer (A), choreographer & dancer – will during August-September 2016 stay with a 7 person team to create her second dance film in Mols.
  • Lotus Lykke Skov is on a mini-residency, end of June ’16, to further develop her work on Sensescapes.
  • Uta Plate (D), director and theatre pedagogue, was the first dweller at our new atelier flat (March 20-May 26) when she was working on our big walking performance A WAY, 2016.
  • Ragnhild Freng Dale (NO) worked one week on her performance lecture “The Mountain Code”, with Christine as consulent, 2015. Ragnhild will be back in Autumn ’16.
  • Teater Kurage from Gothenborg began in January 2015 rehearsals with Christine as consulent on their “sister performance” to our “Head & Tail” – “Muskler, Magi & Magkänslor” has since March successfully played for Swedish children. (Muscles, Magic and Gut feeling)
  • Synne Behrndt (DK/UK) and Jochen Arbeit (D) during the Christmas holiday 2014: Synne worked on her PhD, and Jochen created music, both for his own project AU+OM, and for Einstürzende Neubauten, where he is guitarist.
  • Melanie Thompson and her assistent Kathryn John worked here one February week on Melanie’s upcoming solo. This film – by Melanie & her sons – is the starting point.
  • Jochen Arbeit (D) created the cd “Music for Horses” during his stay, summer 2014.
  • Anna Ottertun (S), singer & composer – August to September 2013.
    The director Martina Marti (CH/FI) together with the performer Nini Julia Bang (DK) and photographer Emma Suominen (FI) – August – where they created a Danish version of “Hamlet Private”, 2013.
    Dramaturg and lecturer Synne Behrndt (DK/UK) – Juli 2013, article work.
  • Live art artists Jörn Burmester (D) & Henrik Vestergaard Friis (DK) – the summer 2012.