Fall Fall She Fell (Adults)

– ”It has such a fine and wonderful tone. Only rarely does audience participation become easy and cool – without feeling forced. But it works here! A warm atmosphere is developed from the performer’s attentive presence. We are allowed to just be there. Traces of different people’s lives emerge.” Cecilia Lagerström

The performance has a minimum of speech and can be performed in English. It has been shown abroad several times.

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Staging: Christine Fentz. Performer: Brian Degn
70 min. Price in Danish kroner: 8.500,- incl. vat, plus travel and stay.
: 120 min. Desempling: 10 min. (out of the room) Packing: 60 min.

Booking: TLF +45  5055 6263 / line@nullsecrethotel.dk


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April 5th, 2009 - | Aktuelle produktioner, FORESTILLINGER, Workshop