Banquet for bees

Banquet for bees is a family performance, where performing arts meets research. Come as you are or bring kids. The piece is from 8 years and up.
The performers are guiding the guests, who receives sensorical experiences. Around a banquet table, there will be a menu consisting of elements from the bees’ world. This will be served together with bee dance and nerdy bee knowledge.
Together we observe the soil, air, vegetation and insects, while we dive into the bees’ universe – their joys and challenges. Banquet for bees is both about the honey bees and the wild bees – two areas of the bees’ world, which in these years are referred to as each other’s contradictions.

The piece is co-produced with Pro Progressione (HU).

Director: Christine Fentz
Co-creator: Charlotta Grimgjord Cederblad (S), Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (AUS), Gergö Lukacs (HU), Viktória Makra (HU), Bodil Buonaventzen (DK)
Performers: Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad, Christine Fentz
Composer Birgit Løkke
Dramaturg and tech: John Tinning
Coordinator: Maja Ravn Christiansen