Walking Lecture on Ants


Performing arts meets brain- and ants scientist: An ant experience with talks, walking, sensory inputs, taste experiences and soundscapes, created and presented by Secret Hotel.

Together with ant scientist Hans Joachim Offenberg and brain researcher & anthropologist Andreas Roepstorff, Secret Hotel’s Christine Fentz with Betina Birkjær create a unique walking lecture about one of the tiniest, oldest creatures on Earth – the ant.

Did you know that ants uses solar-panels, can undertake coup d’stat, and get as old as human beings?

With our Walking Lecture on Ants you will learn about the ants and their fascinating world. Some of the questions we’ll examine are how their social structures operate, compared to ours. We’ll also explore how their world sounds, smells and tastes. All in a unique blend of performing arts, walking and lecturing elements.

Walking Lecture on Ants will show during CPH STAGE on the 9. of June 2018. During this day we will perform two times at 13 pm and 16 pm. There is a limited amount of tickets. Get a hold of yours here!

The performance was presented during Little Rebellions, a part of 2017 Aarhus Capital City of Culture’s program and as part of Folkeuniversitetets programme, Hearts & Minds Festival.

Performance artists: Christine Fentz og Betina Birkjær
Researchers: Hans Joachim Offenberg og Andreas Roepstorff
Sound artist & chemist: Maiken Vibe Bauer

Walking Lecture on Ants was also presented on the 22. and 27. of August and 22.-24. of September in the Botanical Garden, Aarhus.