Growing Soul – My Daughter’s Ritual Journey

Three year old Jasmin is having her first hair cut.

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Danish Benedikte has a daughter with Nazyn from Tuva in Siberia. She has chosen to follow the traditions of Nazyn’s shamanistic culture, and therefore Jasmin is now going to visit her dad in Tuva in order to follow the local tradition for three year old children: A ritual hair cut.

As a Danish mum, what elements to choose from the dad’s nomadic culture? We follow mother and daughter on the family visit to far away Tuva, six time zones away from Denmark.

Benedikte and Jasmin’s travel on the border between two cultures premiered on Danish National Television DR2 January 7th 2007, and was followed by five showings during 2007 and 2008. Growing Soul – My Daughter’s Ritual Journey has also been shown on Norwegian Television, and on a filmfestival north of the Polar Circle, in Jokkmokk, Sweden. Showing on Swedish National Television is planned.

Growing Soul – My Daughter’s Ritual Journey is made by Christine Fentz in collaboration with Benedikte M. Kristensen, and coproduced between Danish National Television DR2, Turbine Film Aps, and Secret Hotel.

Photographer: Kirsten Simonsen
Yrsa Wedel/Formosa Film
Yat-Kha (Tuva) og Valravn (DK)

Growing Soul – My Daughter’s Ritual Journey is funded by Aage & Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Danish Stage Directors, Theatre ARKI, Anna Lise & Aage Dahls Fond.

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