K.R.O.P. on Aprilfestival

Invitation to K.R.O.P.  –  To have or to be

With cardboards, wigs and a flood of pictures projected on old school overhead projector, the human body is explored on a scientific, cultural, political and personal level.

K.R.O.P. oscillates between fact and fiction, from evolution, ideals, to genderbased identity and future body-visions.

A humorous, audience-involving synthesis of artistic experience and education, created for teenagers between the age 14 and 19 years  – Tailor made for school students.

The performance is free.

The booking of tickets is available the 4th of april 2016.

Bring along your teenager and experience K.R.O.P. on the Aprilfestival:

Wednesday 13th of april – 19.00. o’ clock


Søndermarken, selskabslokalet

Roskildevej 63, 1 Sal.

2000 Frederiksberg

Saturday 16th of april – 19.30. o’ clock


Dyrlægevej Gimle

Dyrlægevej 7-13, 1. Sal

1870 Frederiksberg

Sunday 17th of april – 15.15. o’ clock


Musikbygningen, Musik stor

Hoffmeyersvej 32

2000 Frederiksberg


The performance is created by:

Secret Hotel / Adelaide Bentzen, Christine Fentz, Kasper Daugaard og Pernille Koch

For more info: a_bentzon@nullhotmail.com

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