Fall Fall She Fell

As a guest at this performance one melst into a universe, where a subtle story about humans existence unfolds and time moves in various directions. Are we alone in this world? How far apart are the deceased and those still alive?
The viewers are placed in a triangle around the performer, and among old preserving jars, stuffed birds, crayon drawings and polaroids the room fills up with stories about those no longer among us. Big questions hover in a setting of thoughtfulness, laugther and imagination.

Iscenesættelse: Christine Fentz
Performer: Brian Degn (oprindeligt skabt med Tina Andersen)
Komponist: Rune Søchting
Scenografi og lysdesign: Adalsteinn Stefansson


I april 2009 spillede Fall Fall She FellBørneteaterfestivalen i Ballerup. Fall Fall She Fell blev i januar vist på Egå Gymnasium og Thisted Gymnasium (under festivalen “Teater på Kanten” i Thy)

I april 2008 gæstespillede Fall Fall She Fell (med Tina Andersen) på Atalante, scenen for samtidskunst i Göteborg. Gæstespillet var en del af minifestivalen”Peep Performance – Performancekalas”, hvor også to andre scenekunstnere deltog. Se anmeldelse.

I maj 2008 deltog Secret Hotel i 20-års jubilæet for Teater Albatros på Tokalynga Teaterakademi i Halland. Jubilæet blev fejret med flere arrangementer i løbet af året, og Secret Hotel deltog i festivalen Kvindelige Scenekunstnere. Vi spillede både Fall Fall She Fell (med Tina Andersen) og In the Field, og dokumentarfilmen Når sjælen sidder i håret blev vist.Staging: Christine Fentz
Performer: Brian Degn (originally created with Tina Andersen)
Compoer: Rune Søchting
Set design and light design: Adalsteinn Stefansson
Duration: 70 minutes
For both adults and youths.

Fall Fall She Fell is a peculiar and inviting performance at the same time. A perfect introduction to what performance theatre can be when both humorous, consequent and wants to say something.

Fall Fall She Fell explores our memories of the deceased. The performance conveys atmospheres and fragments of several human destinies, but does not tell one single story. Like a caretaker for the deceased, performer Brian Degn vitalizes and evokes parts of various lives. As the performance proceeds the fragments seem to come together in a greater context. These fragmented stories along with the sound design talk to the senses of the audience. Each person elaborates on the stories through associations and reactions and thus become co-narrator of the destinies that are encountered. The performance obviously points to its own structure and the theatrical magic is established and taken apart right before the eyes of the audience.
Fall Fall She Fell has been showed several places in Denmark, at festivals and high schools, as well on Atalante in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Body Navigation Festival in St.Petersborg, and on Tokalynga Theatre Academy in Sweden.

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March 31st, 2008 - | Aktuelle produktioner, FORESTILLINGER