Fall Fall She Fell (age 8-12)

– ”It was both a bit silly and a bit dangerous. When the man posed as a bird, that was really crazy.” Valdemar, 8 years old

– ”Superfunny and alternative theatre piece – and for sure something that will raise questions.” High school student

The performance has a minimum of speech and can be performed in English. It has been shown abroad several times.

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Staging: Christine Fentz. Performer: Brian Degn
 45 min. incl. people getting in and out. Price in danish kroner: 8.500,- incl. vat, plus travel and stay
120 min. Desempling: 10 min. (out of the room) Packing: 60 min.

Booking: TLF +45  5055 6263 / line@nullsecrethotel.dk




August 22nd, 2011 - | Aktuelle produktioner, FORESTILLINGER, PRODUKTIONER