EARTHBOUND manifesto


  • We believe in the interrelatedness of all living entities on the planet, and that a holistic mind-set is needed in order to refocus and place the human amidst all other beings.
  • We want to live in a sustainable future in which humans acknowledge and respect life in all forms. In a time of bereft areas of destruction of huge areas of land and of destroyed eco-systems it is time to turn towards cultures that know how to live with the land – not just off it. The knowledge of indigenous people carries a humble and respectful approach to co-existing with all living entities that the future can learn from.
  • We embrace interdisciplinary encounters because we firmly believe that possible solutions to the challenges the planet is facing, must be developed across disciplines and diverse experience and knowledge. This gives the opportunity for new thoughts to emerge – or for placing ancient knowledge in new contexts. The meeting between arts and the sciences are a means to opening our eyes and minds.
  • We hope to one day be part of a planet where humans are as ‘earthbound’ as other species; to be part of a world in which humans no longer consider themselves the center of the universe. We hope that corporations and politicians around the world will realize the urgency too – and start to think in generations ahead – instead of in election periods. We see that we are part of an emerging shift; the change of thinking in Multispecies; thus, the Paradigm Shift.
  • At EARTHBOUND we will be responsible for facilitating interdisciplinary encounters that challenge the Anthropocene in both content and format: A participatory symposium with curated talks, performances, walking lectures, concerts, labs and much more. Landscapes, animals, plants and micro-organisms are an integrated and important part of the symposium, and many of our events take place outdoors in order to truly engage with other species.
  • The symposium is built on our core values and principals; care, respect, shared knowledge, co-thinking and sustainability. We aim for these principles to shine through in every aspect; from the artists and speakers we curate, to the way we structure the events, our choice of locations, all the way down to the food we serve, which is made from primarily local and organic produce.
  • We will show the world that it matters how we interact with other living entities and how we engage with our surroundings. And that now is the time for a large-scale change; the Multispecies Paradigm Shift.

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