EARTHBOUND symposium

We live in a time of immense and rapid change. With an urgent interest for our common future, EARTHBOUND is an invitation to investigate the state of the planet through both the arts and sciences; together with animals, micro-organisms, plants and landscapes. EARTHBOUND is a symposium that explores and challenges the Anthropocene, fosters commitment and inspires change.

The symposium is built on our core values and principals; care, respect, shared knowledge, co-thinking and sustainability.

We aim for these principles to shine through in every aspect; from the artists and speakers we curate, to the way we structure the events, our choice of locations, all the way down to the food we serve, which is made from primarily local and organic produce.

We will show the world that it matters how we interact with other living entities and how we engage with our surroundings. And that now is the time for a large-scale change; the Multispecies Paradigm Shift.

In 2018 EARTHBOUND unfolded in both Aarhus town and in rural Mols. It took its participants on a three-day journey through science, art, interdisciplinary meetings, and changing localities. Our interdisciplinary approach invited artists, researchers and other citizens to meet.

Using the experience, we gained from 2018 we wish to invite you again in 2020. We wish to facilitate knowledge- and practice sharing about a holistic understanding of the condition of the globe, which where we stand today is more important than ever.

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